Tobacco Nicotine

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Tobacco Nicotine

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Tobacco/ Nicotine
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Tobacco/ Nicotine
Effects on the Body
Tobacco and specifical nicotine are commonly used as both sedative and stimulant. When used regularly, nicotine has serious negative effects on the body that may have a lasting impact. According to Mishra, et al. (2015), one of the primary effects of regular nicotine ingestion is an addiction, as nicotine is one of the most highly addictive chemicals in existence.
Regarding health, continuous tobacco and nicotine use leads to breathing problems in the short term, which may increase in severity with time. Long terms nicotine use also reduces cognition and may affect the functioning of the memory CITATION Sof14 l 1033 (Sofouglu, Herman, Robinson, & Waters, 2014). Secondary effects of tobacco and nicotine use include a reduced lifespan as a result of damaged lungs and a weakened heart. In case of an addition, the continuous financial commitment meant to maintain the habit can lead to financial instability.
Dealing with Addictions
A tobacco addition is difficult to deal with due to the presence of nicotine in the tobacco. According to the American Heart Association (2015), nicotine travels very quickly when inhaled, and on reaching the brain, it causes a relaxing sensation that gives the user psychological relief. This, however, lasts for only a short time, after which the user gets back to reality, prompting them to reuse tobacco to bring back the sensation. Addiction is ther…

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