To My Baby Girl

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To My Baby Girl

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A letter to my baby girl
Sector 22, Vashi,
P.O Box 25665,
New Bombay.
19th January 2018
To My Baby Girl
I wish I were with you even at this time that you are reading my letter. You have always been the angel in my life and the joy you have always brought to my life is unexplainable. If I had my own powers, I could be with you even right now. Well, this is not the case as you will never see me again but you can rest assured that we will meet in another lifetime. When I left home today, I did assure you that we will meet in the evening to have our family dinner. Unfortunately, the injury that I have sustained in my head may not even allow me to even see the next two hours. I fell from the escalator when I was going to the manager’s office and the doctors have confirmed that I am not going to make it.
Even with this happening, I believe that you are the most amazing girl in the world and no one should tell you otherwise. Had I known it that today was my last day, I could have just told you how much I love you. Your future is bright and no matter what it takes, do not always give up. From the day you came to my world, I felt complete and could not ask God for more. I wanted us to spend our whole life together growing up knowing that you have the best mum. It is not going to be easy my angel but from my savings, I am directing my manager to be your legal guardian. Everything will be okay.
Finally, I want you never to lose hope….

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