To Close or Not?

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To Close or Not?

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To Close or Not?
The choice made by Dov Frohman to keep Intel open and operational during a definite missile attack was a good idea. This is because; in as much as he was anticipating for the missile attack nothing was really happening and it would have been unnecessary for Intel up to be closed in the mean-time. In an executive level, Frohman made an excellent compromising decision of keeping the company up and running while giving his employees an option of choosing to report to work on their own free will and not by force despite the risk. For that reason, I agree with his decision and applaud him for being an effective leader who is able to make a tough decision in an extremely pressurized situation. Personally, I feel that he should have closed Intel for a while after the attacks to avoid risky circumstances. When making an ethical decision, an organization should consider the importance of an employee’s safety since someone’s life is significant than anything else (Bridge & Dodds, 2018). However, I believe he was compelled to make the second decision of keeping Intel operational after the attack because his retroactive prudence created a notion that it was safe for the company to be opened since nothing happened during the initial attack.
Given that Dov Frohman is Intel’s general manager, he should have been the one to make the ultimate decision since he was in the area where the attack was t…

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