TiVo’s DVR Technology

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TiVo’s DVR Technology

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The founders of TiVo technology were focused on commercializing digital media technology and improving the viewer experience in the TV industry. Before this technology was born, the TV industry was such that different market players determined the content that was aired in cable channels and broadcast networks. However, TiVo changed the entire scope of the media technology when started disrupting the traditional norms held by the incumbent stakeholders of the TV industry by attempting to buy their shares. This disruption was primarily caused by the DVR technology and further supported by the ability of TiVo to hire specialist programmers to reinvent the type of media content showed to the TV audience. Since TiVo had a disruptive influence in the TV industry ecosystem, various groups of media content providers required TiVo to license its media content (Ansari, Raghu, and Arun 1-14). As
TiVo focused on winning the TV industry, it was confronted with great resistance from the established incumbents in the TV industry due to its interference with their market niche. Further, the disruptive nature of TiVo became a serious threat to other players in the TV industry when it successfully forged operating agreements with established players such as Comcast. The main challenges that TiVo encountered in getting its DVR services accepted as the financial costs of securing the operating licenses and rights to protecting its intellectual p…

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