Time Traveler

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Time Traveler

Category: Process Analysis Essay

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Time Traveler
The present age has earned a lot of names Jet age, Information Age, Space Age, etc. Here it is not only the physical modes of travel, being very fast that counts, but what induces your mind to travel at lightning speed, even if your body remains immobile. We have heard of astral travels, and yoga practices of seers, but here the technology is confined to the body of man, with its natural surroundings. But with the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, there have been many inventions since, which have made physical and mental movements comparable to light.
My grandmother was born in early twentieth century, but her adult years spanned from 30s-50s. She was familiar with the radio, TV, etc but still her mind could not really absorb the fast technical marvels that were being produced constantly. She cannot yet take in the wonders of inventions like e-mails, mobile phones and the e-book or electronic book. I try to put myself in her shoes, and go reverse in time in the 50s, and try and imagine what life would have felt like from a personal perspective, without these modern technologies, which we take so much for granted. Going back in the 50s, can be done either by acting out grandma’s role, or myself in a comparative time basis. The latter would give a better analysis, because it would highlight the perspective of modern inventions, which the older generations co…

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