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Time Out

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Effective Scheduling
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Scheduling means proper plan on how you have to spend your time (Stavrinides & Karatza, 2015). If scheduling is properly done, it can lessen your stress and maximize your effectiveness. Some steps need to be followed in the preparation of a schedule. For instance, the following steps should be followed strictly:
I. Available time should be identified.
II. Essential action is scheduled.
III. High-priority activities should be scheduled.
IV. Contingency time is scheduled.
V. Discretionary time is scheduled.
VI. The activities you want to do should be analyzed.
The steps above are key points when preparing a schedule for coursework.
After reading mind Tools, “Effective Scheduling,” I come up with a schedule of the activities of a week.
A week which contains seven days, I will need to prepare for all activities using the minimum time as possible. I can spend almost two hours of the whole week to schedule work for each week. My typical work hours begin from Monday to Friday. Scheduling for typical working hours is very tricky because some other times one might feel very weak to work despite it is a working hour. My normal typical working hours in a week is 40 hours. After I did proper time scheduling, I realized that is enough time for working and managing to go home in time for rest. In addition, I am able to maintain and create an efficient work schedule that enables me to work on the same num…

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