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Time Management Strategies
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Time Management Strategies
Time is a valuable asset that every individual poses equally. People, however, differ on how they manage their time as some will make good use of it while others waste depending on the various strategies put in place to manage their time. Excellent time management strategies should be put in place since time lost can never be recovered. Here are some good time management strategies.
One should set goals every sing day on task to handle. the goals should be preferably written or typed down
One should arrange their intentions regarding their priorities. Most important goals are to be carried out first.
One should set time limits for every task carried out. The individual should strive to finish the work within the time set.
One should not be afraid to say no in when approached with unnecessary demands when working
One should be stress-free
One should reduce interruptions when working such as unnecessary phone calls interruptions.
One should avoid procrastination by offering themselves rewards after every task regardless of the intensity of the function (Madsen 1).
One should avoid or reduce multitasking.
One should review each day at the end of the day.
Lastly one should take time to rest between tasks to be refreshed.
Among the above ten strategies, I find limiting or avoiding procrastination, reduction of interruptions and setting daily goals to…

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