Time management self-assessment

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Time management self-assessment

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Time management skills
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Time Management SkillsIn the self-assessment of time management skills, I have managed to score 56/ 75. With no objection, I agree with the results which I believe that are the best that could depict my time management skills. However, some challenges could rise deliberated by me or influenced by any other thing which could affect my time management. One of the things was some occasions when I felt that my mind is exhausted and had to keep some of the tasks and assignment to do them later which I could only realize then when the deadline is almost. It, therefore, put me in a lot of rush thus making me not perform in them well as expected.
In as much as I had challenges in the last minute rush and pilling of tasks sometimes, I tried my best to sacrifice and avoid some of the things that could make me lose concentration on the essential elements which I significantly improved on. It was, therefore, necessary to formulate strategic plans and suggest ways that I could use to improve my time management (Suzanne et al.).
The strategies were moreover essential for solving the problems of time mismanagement in my life. One of the strategies was being more sensitive and taking the daily tasks seriously however much tired I could be. I was there to start the work immediately as I received them. Moreover, some limitations significantly affected my time management for example last minute rush and influence of inter…

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