Tim Hortons case

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Tim Hortons case

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Tim Hortons’ Situational Analysis
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Tim Hortons’ Situational Analysis
Doughnut and coffee chains are increasingly being an integral part of Canadian food market. In Canada, Tim Hortons is the largest franchiser which has several stores across the state. The increase of the fast food restaurants represents some of the features of celebrity franchising. This paper will provide a situational analysis of Tim Hortons Company by looking at the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the external threats and opportunities. The paper will also identify the major factors leading to the success of the company and the key risks that the company is faced with in the market. Tim Hortons is known as both a source and a site of the self-image of Canada. As a result, this authorization leads to the company capitalizing the ambiguities that capitalize the national culture of Canada, and it largely dominates the Canadian fast food market which provides it with a strong foundation useful for the company to venture in foreign countries.
Brand, company, iconic, strength, opportunity, competitive advantage, financial stability

Tim Hortons’ Situational Analysis
Tim Hortons is a fast casual restaurant that is known for its coffee and doughnuts. It is the most abundant restaurant in Canada dealing with the quick service. The mission of the company is; delivering services and products of sup…

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