Thomas Paine “Commun Sense”

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Thomas Paine “Commun Sense”

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“Common Sense” Origins, Purpose, Values, Limitations
This paper gives credible information about Thomas Paine’s book known as “Common Sense” with the focus on its origin, purpose, limitations and values.
The book titled “Common Sense” that remains a highly valued work of Thomas Paine was written in the year 1775-1776. The origin of the book or what inspired its writing was the acute imbalance in governance imposed by the colonial masters. The Americans were being treated like third class citizens during the period as they were subjected to harsh colonial rule. The rule did not permit them to enjoy certain fundamental rights such as the right to good education, participation in governance and political affairs and the right to engage in social teams. Therefore, the book was meant to instill some sense in the minds of the Americans about the fight for liberation and immediate independence. Paine was concerned about the suffering that the Colonists were subjected to and were an advocator of social justice and fairness, he developed the thought of influencing change through the writing that he knew would present immense impact on the quest for independence.
The main purpose of the piece of writing titled “Common Sense” was to present strong arguments for the need for freedom and liberation from the British rule. This is evident as it was written at the time when there was a live debate on whether to seek indepe…

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