Thomas Paine Common Sense

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Thomas Paine Common Sense

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Thomas Paine, Common Sense
Common Sense, a pamphlet by Thomas Paine, acted as a revelation to the thirteen American colonies under the British rule. The pamphlet deeply explains the relationship between the government and the Commons. In fact, it draws examples on how the government oppresses the commons. Common sense points out some values that people should practice and maintain to live peacefully. Paine sees people united by the same values, attitude, and interests in spheres of social, political, cultural, and religious. The author is very specific on the social values that bid the Americans as a people of the same continent. He proposes the awakening of the Americans to adopt new ways of living and rectify mistakes done during the colonial period. The common sense pamphlet by Thomas Paine proposes that Americans live in peace, forget about the bitter past, and forge ahead.
Explicitly, the author (Thomas Paine) explains how the modern Americans should be peaceful and be ready to reconcile with each other. In other words, the people should ensure coherence, understanding, and harmony in the society. Notably, such a country is that with well-defined social values followed by all individuals there (Allison 24). In a sense, social values as pointed out by Paine should determine the society culture. The values should guide people to uphold good social conduct. Social values pointed out by the author determine how the people feel, believe, consume, e…

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