This I Believe: The Act of Forgiving

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This I Believe: The Act of Forgiving

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What I Believe
What I believe in my life is that knowledge is everything. Knowledge is hope, choice, and ideas (“Knowledge Bases” 63). In my fifth grade, my instructor left a remarkable impact on my life. When my teacher reminded me of knowledge being power, I conceptualized that as Mr. Smith was the best adviser, our school would ever have.
While in school, Smith gave us an inspiring message concerning learning. While providing these pieces of advice, he would use some quotes from various books. He made me approach education from another perspective. He made me see the importance of recalling what I want to achieve in life. I thank him for inspiring me.
Learning helps me think, and in the process, I grow my knowledge. Knowledge has the power to change our lives (“Knowledge Bases” 63). Just like a trunk supporting a tree, without understanding, we will fall. Education helps us avoid risky situations.
The process of gaining knowledge is to understand its meaning. Lacking an understanding of knowledge is like embarking on a journey without direction (Schaeffer 138). Knowledge comes unexpectedly and without knowing, knowledge is acquired. Our life is maintained and driven by, and without it, we will be wasted so fast.
However, for those who already know should be generous enough. When we share the knowledge, we help individuals who might be in need of it. Learning should be used in the right way of doing what is expected in society (Schaeff…

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