Thinking about Diversity

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Thinking about Diversity

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The Meaning of Class: Is Getting Rich “The Survival of the Fittest”
Inequality in the society is explained as ‘the survival of the fittest’
The inequality in the American society can be appropriately be described as “survival of the fittest” since the individuals who are brought up in a higher class and better neighbourhood, or has abundance resources can have enough money to survive in the modern circumstances. On the contrary, persons who are poor experience more challenges and must put a lot of effort in order to survive under those circumstances.
Spencer’s ideas are still popular in the US today
Spencer’s concept on the “survival of the fittest” is quite popular in the contemporary society in the United States. A perfect example of the concept is in the academic systems. Children belonging to affluent families are likely to join best schools. The main aim why such children are able to enjoy top quality education is because of the success of their parents in their lives, which is a reflection of the survival for the fittest mantra. Subsequently, these children are able to acquire higher education in top universities and colleges. Since the children are dependent of their parent’s affluence, their counterparts from poor backgrounds fail to meet qualification to attend better universities.
Whether income is a good measure of person’s importance to society
In the current capitalist society, somebody’s ear…

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