They were soldiers

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They were soldiers

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Sacrifices behind being a soldier
So many situations have forced many people to join the military in the United States. It is not because they desire to but due to the underlying circumstances that they face. Poverty, crime, and inability to continue with education are some of the reasons that many people have found themselves joining the forces. It is not because they want to save the world but only because they want to earn a living. The sacrifices that they make to allow them in the forces include being separated from the families and forgoing their education. With no place to go to, they resolve to be soldiers (Jones, 159). The primary intention is not to save the world. They just want to be back into their country U.S with full pockets. Their sacrifice is for their expectations to gain in the long run.
Supporting argument
On the downhill, most of the kids are from the middle class. The future tends to be so dim that they cannot see how they will make something out of them. They, therefore, sacrifice their freedom to join the military (Jones, 160). They do this not because they need to but because it is the only thing that appears to be promising. Most of the boys and girls from the poor immigrants recall that they had no option but only to join the military to save their families from poverty. Lack of opportunities to do anything shuns their dreams to become significant people in their country, a…

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