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The Worship Architect
In the “Worship Architect”, Cherry gives a deeper assistance to Christian leaders particularly those that seek a richer and a far-reaching method of using worship music as an engaging means of 21st-century worshipers. The author claims that instead of worshipers getting a drive from musical styles that are fast-changing, she holds that leaders should instead focus on musical language that aids in facilitating a conversation between people and God. This helps Christian leaders to act pastorally and think theologically on worship music in the places of worshipping. The book goes behold styles used in music by providing tools that can be used in evaluating worship songs.
In evaluating a worship song, the author claims that one should check whether the music provides means for “revelation and response.” this implies that good worship music should proclaim the truth regarding God. Its texts need to show intentions or thoughts for the community to God as a way of response. Additionally, worship music should desist from focusing on performance as it is not an entertainment for the passive audience and the performer but rather a common instrument for all worshippers. Moreover, the music should reflect God’s character by communicating a significant message. This is not to mean that the music should be pretentious but it implies that there is a need for the song to communicate an idea that is commonl…

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