TheUse of Informatics in My Practice

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TheUse of Informatics in My Practice

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The Use of Informatics in My Practice
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The Use of Informatics in My Practice
Since my primary area of specialty is education, I have worked tirelessly to ensure that the integration of nursing informatics skills, as well as competencies, are observed to ensure the quality of learning. In the current dynamic health care delivery structures, technology plays a crucial part in nursing work along with education (Darvish, Bahramnezhad, Keyhanian, & Navidhamidi, 2014). As the world is rapidly changing to accommodate the ever-increasing pace of technology, informatics in my practice is used in the processing of papers, advanced systems, internet, and online teaching sessions. These have helped to adjust the methods of teaching by equipping the learners with today’s informatics requirements to assist them to fit with the various needs of the sector.
I have managed to observe that the use of informatics in my area of nursing specialty embraces online education where the educators can increase the accessibility for learners with family responsibilities as well as those who live or work in the rural area (Ainsley & Brown, 2009). Primarily, this allows them to learn without attending traditional classes. Evidently, this is because the number of online teaching sessions in various institutional dashboards is growing. In my practice, the use of online educational settings has lessened the difficulties encountered by nurse educato…

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