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Therapy ACL

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Physical Therapy for ACL Surgery RecoveryTo fully recover fully from ACL and prevent stretch of graft, it takes 4 months (Stasi 34). The paper aims at coming with the ACL program
Week 0-2
-Weight bearing
The patient needs touch-toe weight bearing with only use of crutches.
Requires full weight bearing which is to be accompanied with full extension of 0 degrees locked with braces.
-Range of motion
Works to increase active motion by use of prone stretching and heel slides within comfort tolerance so that the knee can move from 0-90 degrees between the 7th and the 10th day after surgery.
4 Harmstring, quadriceps and straight-leg-raises are used to strengthen the knee. This is accompanied by extension, flexion, and abduction exercises.
-Wound care
Dressing to be removed after 48 hours and shower after the same hour if there is no drainage. You are only allowed to soak the knee in the swimming pool, bath tub or hot tub after 3 weeks of surgery
Although the knee is stiff and swollen, it should move from 0 -90 degrees.
Week 3-6
Weight bearing
The patient to discard the crutches by week 3
Range of motion
Use stationary, bicycle, bicycle twice a day for a period of 10 to 15 minutes.
Swim and walk as much as you are comfortable. Stretch for like 30 seconds with 2 repetitions. Plyometric of 20 repetitions is also recommended
Full knee extension with a 90 degrees flex and not past 90 degre…

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