Theory of Class Struggle in the Society

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Theory of Class Struggle in the Society

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Theory of Class Struggle in the Society
Question 1
The notion that all the existing hitherto societies are the history of the class struggle just means that in the society of capitalism, the existence of the history of class struggle is attributed to economic struggle between two varied abstract classes. For instance the existence of the class struggle between the proletariat which is the working class and plays the role of production and the bourgeois that holds every factor of production in the society. In this context, the membership of each category is determined by the chances to access the factor of production.
Question 2: Feudal society is that type of civilization that gets attributed to the mainly small-scale agricultural production. Feudalism gets characterized by the traditional forms of land ownership. Classical inheritance and kinship relationships depict the rights freedom and duties of every citizen in a feudal society. Feudal society differs significantly with the bourgeoisie society since the bourgeois society operates beyond the constraints recommended by the traditional ethics and right. In bourgeois, the whole system is controlled by only what can result in the profit (market). Additionally, the development of the state that is manifested in the bourgeois society also shows the rift that exist between the two communities. For instance, in feudal society, the serfs that own small pieces of the factor o…

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