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Theorist Reflection

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According to the constructivism theory, people make meaning of the things they encounter based on their experience. This implies that they can custom made their environment to fit their beliefs and their thoughts. When it comes to career, they consider the same approach and it allows them to not only becoming adaptable to the work environment, but they also become flexible to the working conditions. And in this ever-dynamic business world, people either become adaptable to the changes, or they are inevitably overthrown out of the proportion (Adaptability: The (Often Overlooked) Key Career Skill 1). In turn, they may end up losing all they had and find it difficult to coexist with others.Dr. Samantha Johnson outline some of the crucial benefits of being adaptable when it comes to career development. She attributes a successful career to the concept of being versatile (Johnson 1). The suggestion I find the most appealing in advancing my career adaptability is taking charge of my future. I can leverage her concept by taking responsibility for my future as this will trigger a sequence of events that will eventually allow me to be adaptable to any situation that I come across.
Being adaptable means that a person should have elements or tendencies that are in line with the future speculative changes in their career life. First, concern for the future requires one to be aware that changes are inevitable, having this in mind, I w…

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