theoretical Orientation

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theoretical Orientation

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Theoretical Orientations
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Theoretical Orientations
In the counseling process, theoretical orientation is a crucial concept which involves individual and specialized approaches to different situations. While some people may argue that theoretical orientation is irrelevant and that it is the client outcomes that matter, others argue that positive outcomes may be achieved from specific factors common across models of therapy.
Among the models of therapy include feedback informed treatment (FIT), cognitive behavior therapy, play therapy, mindfulness, choice therapy, positive psychology, interpersonal therapy, and narrative therapy among others. All these models of therapy involve the use of theories in the counseling process. One example of a real-life theoretical orientation is the Jungian Psychotherapy. The Jungian Play therapy is a type of play therapy that has been proved useful in the treatment of adolescent males diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (Green et al., 2013). This therapy encourages the use of visuals rather than talk therapy. This kind of theoretical orientation was effective in the treatment of Jeremy, a seventh-grade student diagnosed with ADHD, sequencing difficulties and dysgraphia (Green et al., 2013). The effectiveness of this model shows the general efficacy of using a model-based therapy in counseling. However, some incidences of theoretical orientation turn out futile. Hopcke reported an i…

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