Themes in the works of Carribean Author Earl Lovelace

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Themes in the works of Carribean Author Earl Lovelace

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Themes in the Works of Caribbean Author Earl Lovelace
Earl Lovelace is a Caribbean writer who was born in 1935 in a town called Toco in Trinidad. He is an award-winning novelist, playwright, journalist and a writer of short stories. Lovelace is principally renowned for his expressive, dramatic fiction on his culture. He has been able, time and again, to use Standard English and Trinidadian dialects to extensively describe and reconcile rural and urban cultures (Gates, 24). Lovelace is the author of novels like The Wine of Astonishment; The Dragon Can’t Dance, The Schoolmaster, and Volumes of Short Fiction, essays, and Plays. Publication of his long-awaited sixth book called Is Just a Movie was done in 2011.
Generally, it is valid to say that books are written by Lovelace usually speak of, to and for folks in a country who are not typically the subjects in their history. No matter how unique he expresses his vision, he manages to echo, clarify, problematize and extend people’s worries, wisdom, as well as their philosophies (Barthold, 209). In this paper, the sharp focus will be on the two books The Wine of Astonishment and Dragon Can’t Dance; these were published in 1983 and 1979 respectively.
The Wine of Astonishment
As stated earlier, this novel was published in 1983. Earl Lovelace in this novel tells a story of the struggles that a Spiritual Baptist community undergoes since the time Prohibition Ordinance was passed by…

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