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The Management of Technology and Innovation
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According to White and Bruton, there are several reasons as to why capabilities and value creation are interrelated. For instance, the interconnection between capabilities and value creation results to strategic competencies which help a firm to create an appropriate strategic decision. For example, the firm applies its capabilities to derive and formulate its plans, evaluate and control the future decisions that companies will undertake. In all circumstances, merging and acquisition (M&A) of new technology and innovations by a company requires value creation and capabilities as its critical strategic options. Furthermore, value creation indicates the approaches which an organisation uses to develop their internal processes. However, the development of the internal operations enables the firm to enhance their services to produce excellent products by appropriate management of its resources (White & Bruton, 2010).
Most importantly, value creation and capabilities help in increasing the levels of performance in a company. The primary forces that underlie both capabilities and value creation would be necessary to support in creation and development of new competencies that are more important strategically. Most importantly, the management relies on the adequacy of resources and the capability of the available management to derive changes to an excellent performance of t…

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