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The Baron Thesis
Hans Baron is remembered for his contribution in the explaining the advent of the Italian Renaissance and the impact it had on Florence. He concentrated on the works of earlier scholars such as Leonardo Bruni who delved in the concept of civic humanism that was a characteristic of the Florentine politics at the time. The Baron thesis is an extension of the civic humanism, and it tries to explain the shift from medieval commune to the adoption of classical models (Hankins 57). Florence was on the verge of a revolution in leadership especially after it emerged victorious in the Visconti wars that marked the beginning of new humanistic writer. Unlike their predecessors, they focused on the importance of political participation in ensuring peaceful coexistence as obedience by the studies ideologies of Leonardo Bruni who used the Florence as an example of a civilization where republicanism was taking root (Bruni 99).
The importance of moral virtue and wealth in the wellbeing of the society were the backbone of the civic humanism and Baron was one of the vocal scholars in the 20th century who shed light to the Italian Renaissance and the influence it has one current regime. The Baron thesis opposed the old ideologies that fused the theology and its support for a monarchial system. It instead advocated for an independent society characterized by self-governance and equality under the law (M…

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