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The workout plan

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The workout plan is for Chris, who is a high school student with age of 14 years. He is a male and is5 feet 10 inches tall with a body weight of 120 pounds. Chris has a body fat % of 9%. His goal is to improve upon his body weight so as to secure a place in the school wrestling team. He consumes a lot of processed foods like fast foods and cafeteria and exhibits an unhealthy diet pattern. Chris specifically wants to become stronger, which can be achieved by increasing his muscle mass or lean body mass.
Baseline Parameters
The present Body Mass Index of the individual is 17.22 kg/square-meter. This suggests that the BMI of Chris is underweight. To become stronger and healthy his target BMI should be at least 20.09 kg/square-meter for which he needs to put additional 20-pound weight. Hence, the target body weight must be 140 pounds.
The BMR of the individual is 1586 calories per day
The estimated maximum heart rate of the individual is 205 beats /minute. The heart rate reserve at 60% of estimated maximum heart rate of the individual is 151 beats /minute while the heart rate reserve at 80% of estimated maximum heart rate of the individual is 178 beats /minute.
Professional Requirements
Medical clearance was obtained from the house physician of Chris. His blood pressure was within normal limits. His physician approved the proposed training programs. The training goals of Chris would be tailored to increase the lean body mass and the flexibility and endurance of Chris. Moreover, …

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