The wasteland Literature

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The wasteland Literature

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The Waste Land by T S Elliot
The Wasteland has been aptly called the most important poem of the twentieth century. It moves directly in tandem with Elliot’s philosophy and high regard for culture and knowledge: this modernist poem aims to depict the degradation of culture in the present times. Through various sections, changing points of views, and most importantly, the fragmentation that appears in numerous parts of the poem, Elliot depicts his desperation at the downfall of high culture and intellectual sophistication. People were surrounded by knowledge, wealth, and opulence, but were unaware of how to praise them, or how they alluded directly to some of the greatest works of all times.
Elliot himself prized knowledge above all else. He believed that a good writer is one who takes from the writers that came before him, who can swim in the same seas as them. He prized ‘knowing’ above all else, and despised the disillusionment that occurred in the society after the Great War. The same has been depicted in the poem as well, as have been reflected Elliot’s personal travails.
This paper analyses two passages from the second section of the poem, A Game of Chess, and through them aims to depict the now degenerative nature of sex in the society. Looking at it from a philosophical view, sex has always been associated with reproduction and the bringing forth of new life into this world. However, with people unaware, careless, and hurtlin…

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