The view of ancestors on religion

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The view of ancestors on religion

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People from different cultures have varied beliefs about their gods. Ancestral worship was highly revered in other cultures. The worship was based on the ritual practices and sacrifices offered to the ancestors who were dead long ago and were believed to live still in a form of spirits. They were believed to be in control of many activities taking place currently. In China, for instance, this worship was deeply rooted in them in the early times. The study of ancestral worship is not without objectives.
Purpose of the research
The reason for the study is to find out why there is a belief that the spirits of the dead can always be benevolent most of the time. It is done especially among many cultures, but a case study will be China. The worship is aimed at understanding how the spirits are in opposition to giving offers and assistance.
Importance of the study of ancestral worship
The information is very important in that every other religion cropped from the traditional religions of the people and their different cultures. To be specific, Chinese families commemorate the death of their long gone relatives. They believe in the rebirth of the dead family member. With time, the dead becomes an ancestor and becomes an intermediate to them and their gods. This information helps the study to know the how different people believe on the issues concerning help from a supernatural being.
Research methodologies
The members…

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