The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War
Ann mason’s novel, ‘in the country’ is a story of a young girl in search for a connection with her father who she never knew. The main character of the story, Sam, is a teenager who has just completed high school and isn’t sure of the path she wants to follow forward in her life. In addition to this, Sam also never knew her father since he had left for the Vietnam War before she was born and never made it back alive. Sam has a lot of questions about her dad and intends to seek answers and know more about her father.
The description of the environment in this book creates an image that communicates a lot to the reader. The description of the poor condition of the house that Sam and her uncle live reveal the poor standards of life that patriotic ex-military face back home. Most of these men don’t manage to get jobs and keep them and dwell in poverty. The description of the dangerous park that Sam goes to re-create Viet man draws an image of the harsh environment that these soldiers faced during the War in Vietnam.
The physical state of Sam’s uncle Emmett, who has a poor health condition, shows the effect of the conflict on the loyal soldiers who volunteered to fight for the nation. The negative impact of the war is also seen when Tom, a former soldier, despite being tall, handsome and healthy suffers from erectile dysfunction. Tom’s condition symbolizes the psychological damage the war has on its participants.
Finally, Sam’s quest in search for c…

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