The value of contemporary higher education

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The value of contemporary higher education

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Contemporary higher education has often been in the spotlight in the debate as to whether to prioritize career advancement or impart life-long value. Higher education in many institutions has hung in this tight balance requiring college students themselves curve their path depending on their priorities. Most people pursue college education with the ambition of obtaining a degree and subsequently securing themselves a place in the job market. However, preparation for the real world is just as crucial. Higher education is structured in a way that it strikes the balance between offering technical knowledge and advanced life skills. However, most people have often prioritized career skills at the expense of the very crucial life skills that are earned in modern centers of higher education.
Life skills have greater importance compared to career competencies. Times are changing very rapidly. Moreover, as the modern world gets immersed into advanced technology and innovations, it is only necessary that one thinks outside the box. Concentrating on gaining a meaningful life comes just handy in such an environment. The objective of higher learning should be to produce holistic students who are fully equipped to venture into a world of uncertainty. Currently, the world only appreciates individuals who are ready to be innovative with new ideas on how to deal with numerous world challenges.
Higher education needs to be valued based on how efficiently it seeks to impart critical abilities …

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