The Uses of Polymers in Medicine

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The Uses of Polymers in Medicine

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The Uses of Polymers in Medicine
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The Uses of Polymers in Medicine
Research Question:
What are the uses of polymers in medicine?
Review of Literature
Biomaterials are materials other than drugs or food that are contained in diagnostic systems. They are usually placed together biological fluids or tissues and can be used in the medical sector as coatings in drugs or patches of trasdermal. They play a vital role in corporeal materials like contact lenses to dialyses and implant devices. Practitioners in the medical field have been known to cure ailments or replace defective body parts with different substances. This has made the use of polymers common in the medical field due to the recent developments in science.
Hoffman (2013) confirms that until recently, most medical practitioners were known to use off the shelf products that were found to be ineffective and weak. This led to the ongoing research in the medical field and overall designing of biomaterials like polymers. Their use has become common and wide around the globe due to their resistance nature and durability. The need for products that can be used in the short run, for example in putting the bone in place as the body heals has become desirable. Such methods have been seen when dealing with tissue engineering and orthopedics.
According to Joralemon (2010) the use of polymers in medicine is specialized area which has various requirements and applications. However, the vol…

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