The Use of Pacifiers

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The Use of Pacifiers

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The Use of Pacifiers
While some products are promoted and marketed to parents are being safe and harmless with the intention of getting the parents to buy, some are dangerous to health and wellbeing of the targeted market. The use of pacifiers, for instance, has generated a heated debate among parents and other stakeholders on their safety, with several studies done supporting the positions of both sides. The documented benefits of pacifiers are that they assist the infants to manage their feelings, remain composed, in addition to giving them a sense of safety. They provide infants with protection against such infections such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) while the negative consequences of their use range from complications related to breastfeeding, dental issues, to acute otitis media. Considering the debatable and controversial nature of the topic, both sides are examined.
There are several products that are marketed to parents with the promise they are beneficial to the process of development of babies or toddlers, with the aim of convincing the parents, caretakers or guardians to make a purchase. Such firms engage in active marketing and promotion that send an exaggerated, groundless or impractical claims concerning the positive effects the products have on the development of the child. One such product is the pacifiers, which are advertised through media platforms such as the televisi…

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