The Use of Drones

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The Use of Drones

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The Use of Drones
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The Use of Drones
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Over the last decade, drones have become an integral part of technological advancement in the western countries and the Asian region. In a technical perspective, drones are unmanned aerial automotive machines popularly identified as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). In this case, a drone is a special type of an aircraft of any size that flies on its own or in the absence of an onboard pilot but rather controlled remotely or autonomously. Over time, drones have always been considered as warfare machinery until recently when its application has been expounded to include commercial delivery of goods to consumers.
The application of drones has had mixed reactions on its actual effectiveness in the betterment of the human life. Besides the recent hype concerning the use of drones in commercial delivery services and as an intelligence gathering tool, these unmanned vehicles pose a greater threat to the common people as compared to their advantages. With an expected significant increase in the number of drones flying in the United States airspace, there have been growing concerns regarding the privacy of the American people. In this case, it is reported that these drones can be used to spy on the Americans without approval from the relevant authorities. It is feared that these unmanned vehicles can be used by the military personnel to monitor the American civilians unlawfully. Development of armed m…

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