THe US trade dificit

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THe US trade dificit

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This script contains information on the situation of the United States regarding the economic development, specifically on the trade deficit on goods. I have defined what trade deficit is and given the significant causes of the situation. In my research, I have obtained information on the consequences of the deficiency on trading activities, and what becomes of the nation. The relationship between the net import of capital and trade deficit is included in the report. Additionally, the trend in a surplus of goods during exportation has been explained, and the relation between the U.S and other nations in trading activities especially after the Second World War. The development of the U.S economically has been highlighted, particularly in 2017 in light to obtaining a solution on the trend in trading activities. Finally, a recommendation based on the leadership of former presidents has been given to finding a lasting remedy of the problem in question.
Trade deficit refers to the act of making more imports than exports. The United Nation, for example, has for decades been experiencing a shortage in the trade of goods. There are two major causes of the increasing U.S deficit in trading activities: the continuous increase in the consumption of products by the Americans and the availability of low-priced labor from abroad. The U.S, therefore, has to keep importing capital in massive amounts, from both the governments fr…

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