The US Federal Gasoline Tax

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The US Federal Gasoline Tax

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Analysis of “The U.S. Federal Gasoline Tax: Time for a Change” case
Federal gasoline tax debate has been on continuous lose ends in the economy and American society as a whole. The debate on the plans to reduce harmful emission is one of the main issues for an increase in the tax on gasoline. The government of United States also aims at reduction in fuel imports to decrease the deficit. Most people in the American fraternity believed that increase in the gasoline tax would result that the negative effects would reduce, (Ferrero, Giosuè & Balducci, 33).
Change in the gasoline tax would affect various parties in the society. One of the impacts is that the members of the society would have to drive a fewer miles, and a shift would result to more fuel efficient cars to minimize the cost effect of gasoline. This is a direct impact on consumer behavior since the consumers demand for gasoline will reduce. An increase in gasoline tax will reduce air pollution by the alternative carbon emitting fuels that are in use. A reduction in United States dependency on foreign oil will also result from an increase in gasoline tax. This will result into a positive impact on the government as U.S foreign policy will be controlled and stability of the entire economy will, therefore, be controlled. This was noted by George. W Bush when he said “dependence on foreign oil jeopardizes our capacity to grow.” A change in gaso…

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