The United States and the Paris Climate Agreement

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The United States and the Paris Climate Agreement

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The United States and the Paris Climate Agreement
The Paris Climate Agreement is known as the Paris Climate Accord, Paris Agreement or Paris Climate Deal is an agreement that the United Nations sponsored to bring countries around the world together to battle against climate change. 195 nations signed the accord in France on 12th December 2015. However, the implementation of the official agreement was in November 2016 (Al Jazeera) The pact aimed to restrict the signatory countries to limit global average temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius beyond the levels during the pre-industrial period and intending to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees. Failure to observe this the temperature level change would result in severe consequences that would affect the production of food globally, supplies of clean water, dangerous and more increase of climate events such as drought and floods. Therefore, to achieve the goal, the global emission of the greenhouse gases will have to be reduced by approximately 40 to 70 percent before 2050 and the whole planet should be carbon neutral by 2100. In the agreement, each country was required to come up with its climate strategies to handle the emission of greenhouse gasses.
For instance, under Barack Obama’s government, America had promised that they reduce the emission of the greenhouse gases by 17 percent compared to 2005 levels and approximately 26 – 28 percent. They also committed to…

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