The U.S. Operation Iraq Freedom Mission

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The U.S. Operation Iraq Freedom Mission

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The U.S. Operation Iraq Freedom Mission

The U.S. Operation Iraq Freedom Mission
The U.S military mission in restoring freedom in Iraq was led by Donald Rumsfeld who was the secretary of defense. The task was entitled Operation Iraqi Freedom. Under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, the Iraq civilian freedom was restrained from them (Fischer 2013). The mission was very hard, but the US military forces managed to succeed in transferring responsibilities to the civilian authority in Iraq. Though Donald Rumsfeld made a mistake for not involving the state department, I believe the party did a splendid job for restoring freedom in is my opinion that local board should be included for the future mission.
First, if the state department were involved, the mission would have taken less time. The state department has better tactic and experiences on handling military mission for instance during the war military mission; the state department would have assisted the army on how to address the phase five operation easily. Phase five operation includes Deter, the Enemy, Grab the Initiative, Control the Enemy, Secure the Environment, Empower Civil Authority respectively (Fischer 2013).
Secondly, involving of local departments during the mission will help in minimizing the deaths and destruction of properties (Fischer 2013). The local agency will assist in controlling the use of the deadly wea…

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