The Two World Assumtions

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The Two World Assumtions

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The two World Assumptions
The Two World Assumptions
“A must bring about B” is tantamount merely to “Due to their constant conjunction, we are psychologically certain that B will follow ( Plantinga, 102)”. This means that the two events occur together and must always proceed one another. These two events are mutually correlated and that the two events must accompany each other for effective conclusions. This, therefore, means that experience does not tell us much but rather we depend on daily occurrences for prediction. Two events tied together must always happen together regardless of the predictions made about their outcomes.

A good example would be thunder and lighting. The prediction that thunder will strike after lightning strikes does not hang on any experience or prediction. The result is obvious: that lightening will flush and then thunder will follow. These are the arguments that Hume advance and claims. These has much to do on our morality and mind orientation concerning doing well. Good will follow a mind that is inclined to doing well.
The two world of realities is as seen by philosophers consists of two parts. The first part consist the world of reality and the second part consist of the world of imagination. The world of reality presents the tangible real world that we can see and touch and that impresses upon our mind. The other part is the world of imagination- The world that our mind perceives as being a copy of another world…

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