The two themes of Antigone

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The two themes of Antigone

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The two themes of Antigone
The play Antigone is set in ancient Greek society and revolves around the life and tribulations of the main character- Antigone and her family. The plot is developed in relation to three key events that dominate the entire play. It starts from the point when Oedipus who is Antigone’s brother is at the helm as the king of Thebes. The plot then takes another twist when Antigone discovers that her two brothers have died while she was trying to save them. The last bit of the plot unfolds when Antigone decides to take her own life while in detention.
When Oedipus passes on in Colonus, Antigone decides to come back in a bid to rescue her two brothers-Eteocles and Polyneices from their impending death based on earlier premonitions. In that prophecy whose source remains a mystery (but known to Antigone), there is a prediction that the two brothers will kill one another in a battle to take the throne of their slain brother. However when she arrives, she discovers that the prophecy had already come to pass, and, therefore, nothing could be done. On the other hand, the throne had been taken over by her uncle-Creon. Further, Antigone learns that her uncle had banned the burial of one of Polyneices on grounds that he was a traitor. However, the king fails to substantiate this claim especially after according Eteocles a proper send-off.
At this point, an argument ensues that results in Antigone fo…

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