the truth behind sing street

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the truth behind sing street

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The Truth Behind “Sing Street”
Set in the Dublin of the 1980’s, the film “Sing Street” by John Carney tells the story of a 14-year-old boy by the name Conor who is looking for a way out from his home that is constrained by several challenges including money problems (Carney n.p). At the same time, Conor is trying hard to fit into his new public school where both the teachers and fellow kids are very rough. The scripting is top notch, for it covers themes that people of different ages and gender can easily relate with. From a general perspective, the movie employs a significant number of lesser-known actors, but this does not compromise the quality of the performance (Jacob n.p). The musical pieces the actors give are also wonderful, a fact that makes the employment of music the outstanding strength of the film. Music takes center stage, with Carney using in different aspects such as relationship-building, characterization and theme development. Carney also does an excellent job of directing the movie. The actors go about their roles perfectly, and none seems to struggle in the characters they play, an indicator of excellent directing (Carney n.p).
There is a wide range of great characters that “Sing Street” offers. All the characters, starting from the lead actors to the fringe actors effectively play their roles. Conor, for instance, comes out as a fascinating character. He comfortably assumes different identit…

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