The Trial of Socrates

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The Trial of Socrates

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Socrates was accused of not believing in the Athen god, and instead believing his own, and corrupting the young people with philosophies that are anti-democratic. Socrates however, thought that the accusations made against him were without facts, and were meant to divert and blind people from the real truth (Stone n.p). He was accused of being strange and paying attention to details however insignificant they seemed, and teaching the same to the young people. In his defense, he told the people of Athens that he had no such relation with mere speculation.
The authorities also accused Socrates of teaching antidemocratic disciplines to the youth (Stone n.p). Him, in his defense, explained that they followed him and watched as he questioned pretenders of knowledge, and went on to mimic him and questioned other people only to realize the great number of being pretenders (Plato n.p). Those who were put to the test instead of being mad at themselves turned to Socrates calling him the misleader of the youths, yet, none would explain any evil he had done. The accusations made had the intent of covering the real truth; that the pretense of knowledge by the authorities had been discovered and they instead were vibrantly campaigning against Socrates thus his prosecution (Plato n.p).
Socrates then confessed that although he had great emotion for the people of Athens, he would instead follow truth and obey God rather than bow t…

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