The treatment of Latinos in the U.S. workforce

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The treatment of Latinos in the U.S. workforce

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The Treatment of Latinos in the U.S. Workforce
United State of comprised of people from all over the world and each of the ethnicity has its unique contribution to the economic development. However, adverse media, poor public policies and adverse impacts of capitalism have led to sentiments against some of the minority communities in the U.S. for instance; there is unfair treatment of the Latinos in the workforce promoted by media, politics, historical injustices, and poverty (Fraga, 2010). For a society to cultivate coexistent among all the diversities, it is essential to ensure justice for all and ensure there is a fair trial.
Interview Analysis
The analysis is based on the interview of J.K, middle-aged masonry of Latino origin. The interviewee is a father of 3 children and works with a construction company.
J.K noted he had been denied job three times based on his Latino ethnicity; the employer claimed there are no jobs for Latinos in the company. Such experiences are common according to J.K, and one has to move on until they secure a position. “I need to soldier on and searching work in other companies. Otherwise, my family will go hungry.” In other cases, the interview recalled a time he was denied promotion despite being the most experienced masonry in the team. According to J.K, his Latino background has stood in the way of work many times. He noted employers in the U.S. hold the Latinos in low esteem. In fact, some of …

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