the Son By Lois Lowry

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the Son By Lois Lowry

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The Son by Lois Lowry
What does Lame Einar means when he tells Claire “it is far better, I think to climb out in searching for something instead of hating what you are leaving.
From the quote, Einar meant that Claire should plan and prepare herself to climb the wall out to the village and find his son. He was aware that Claire hated the village for denying her the right to have her son and nurture him. Einar wanted Claire to stop hating on the community she was currently and focus on improving her survival skills so that the quest for climbing the cliff to reach her son would help her move out of the abominable village. Einar had realized that Claire was so determined to get her son back to herself and that internal pressure is a kind off guarantee that she will work hard and achieve the skills required to climb the cliff. For that reason, Einar in a voice of certainty tells her to focus on building up the necessary zest for the arrangement and stop wasting time and energy hating on the place she will be soon leaving. Hate takes the toll on people’s emotion and Einar though wise to invest the same energy in training in preparation for the cliff climbing mission.
How is love stronger than hate?
In chapter 5, we are introduced to Claire, who has already secured a position as an assistant at the nurturing center. She was experiencing a dreary, monotonous life; waking and preparing to go to the nurturing center for the same…

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