The social work profession and human services

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The social work profession and human services

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The social work profession and human services
The social work profession is a helping profession which involves working closely with clients with a view of helping them attain an optimal functioning in their respective environments. Clients in this case may refer to individuals, groups, families, communities or organizations. A social worker has a responsibility to help the client maximize his/her opportunity and potential for change. This profession is based on a unique problem-solving approach evidenced in research, policy planning, policy administration, and direct clinical practice. The nature of the social work profession means that social workers act as the advocates for change in the respective environments and systems they operate (Bisman 115)
The distinctive nature of this profession is attributed to the strong ethical and professional core values. The profession is guided by a strong valuation of the human diversity. As a result, more emphasis within this profession is put on integrity and social justice. Social workers should thus observe competency in service provision to the clients. Other core values in this profession are the need to observe the worth and dignity of the client and the need to understand and value human relationships. Personally, I have extensively incorporated these social work values in various human services. These include volunteering to offer human services at a metropolitan sta…

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