The set-up 1949

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The set-up 1949

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The Set-Up 1949Institution
The movie set-up (1949) by Robert Wise portrays the boxing skills of the characters. Stoker’s wife Julie is very caring but unsupportive when it comes to watching the boxing games. She cannot handle seeing her husband receive beatings from his opponents and that is the reason why she chooses not to attend the boxing game. Julie wants her husband to have a regular job, but she assures him that she will be a punch away in case of anything. Stoker is confident that he will beat Tiger and although he is destructed when his wife does not show up, he finally wins the fight.
Julie, at the end of the movie, says that they both won because, she had always wished that her husband would quit fighting and now that his hand was smashed, he could not fight anymore. Stoker had won his fight against Tiger, and on the other hand, Julie’s wish had been fulfilled. Stoker’s wife finds joy when her husband’s dreams crash (Set Up – 1949 – Clip, 2011). This brings her satisfaction and does not seem to bother her afterwords.

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