The Science of Cool

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The Science of Cool

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The Science of Cool
The best definition of being cool is the ability to be pleasant while applying little or no effort. This essay will seek to explain the elements of being cool while comparing two research techniques used by psychologists while answering the given questions.
Experimental method
The experiment I will conduct will be used to measure coolness about people being attracted to others and making acquaintances (Warren 545).
Step 1
I would choose a group of ten students from a specific club within the school. The experiment would take two weeks, and participants should make ten friends. The school will be the dependent variable. The study subjects are the independent variables. No study will be conducted outside the school premises.
Step 3
Data gathered will be analyzed after the experiment period has elapsed and all the results compared to establish the aspect of being cool.
Strength and weakness
The experimental method is appropriate because it can use different elements hence obtaining various results. The main flaw is that the study subjects may not behave as usual because they are being studied thus the results may be inconclusive.
Predicted outcome
I would be able to learn why students are inclined to make friends with people who play physical sports rather that people who are part of science clubs (Warren 560).
Survey method
I choose the survey method because I would get first-hand information about being cool …

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