The Role of Religion

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The Role of Religion

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The Role of Religion. Various thematic issues have been looked at in Hamlet, The Prince of Denmark, a play written by Shakespeare. Shakespeare seeks to explore the power feuds and love in the society mainly, things that do affect us even currently. However, one important theme Shakespeare looks into is the theme of religion in the social setting at the time of writing of the play. This is brought out clearly in the article ‘The significance of religion in Hamlet’, by Omar Abdulaziz. Omar sets out to explain how religion influenced the characters and the motives of various individuals in the play.

Omar summarizes how religion was a fundamental factor that influenced the decision of the characters in the play. Horatio is religious as he prays for Hamlet after Hamlet comes from a discussion with the ghost of his father. Hamlet’s father’s ghost reveals, to Hamlet, the sins he committed and described how to kill Claudius, stating clearly that the killing is for a supreme purpose: to eradicate incest (referring to the Claudius having married his wife, which was considered incest at the time.) Hamlet is also deemed to be strongly religious CITATION Als12 p 133 l 2057 (Alsaif 133). Hamlet does not kill Claudius immediately, even after finding out that Claudius killed his father. Hamlet considers the fact that his father’s ghost may be an evil spirit sent to tempt him to sin. This acknowledges the fact that there is a belief of the evil spirits causing humans to sin which is a …

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