The Rights to Abortion

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The Rights to Abortion

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Rights to Abortion Speech
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Abortion as a social problem is mostly misunderstood while it should be considered as a universal choice for all women. Women should be granted the right to procure abortion safely without suffering the criticism of the society on morality grounds. Individuals and the society at large should have the liberty to face abortion as a health and social matter rather than an ethical problem. The provision of rights and liberty to procure an abortion would bring to an end the cases of an abortion gone wrong while the justification would be highly relevant on personal and social levels. The benefits of abortion would include the prevention of birth of children with physical defects and unwanted pregnancies, prevent financial stress and also save lives by averting critical health complications. In consideration of the benefits of abortion, it should be legalized and granted as a right to bring to an end a lot of avoidable consequences and dangers. More so, the society should reconsider the ethical questions surrounding abortion and allow room for abortion as a sustainable solution to some social and health problems.

Topic and Thesis
The procurement of abortion is a matter of choice rather than a question of humanity and morality. It is, therefore, appropriate to consider the rights and liberty to procure an abortion as being autonomous and not up to debate (Robertson, 2017). The ce…

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