The relationship of teacher leadership and student achievement

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The relationship of teacher leadership and student achievement

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 The Relationship of Teacher Leadership and Student Achievement
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Teacher leadership is viewed as a critical component in student achievement (Muijs & Harris, 2003). Also, effective teacher leadership is crucial to achieving and sustaining improvement in a school setting. Research studies suggest that effective teacher leaders can have a strong positive impact on the performance of their students (Muijs & Harris, 2003). While the quality of teaching is believed to influence the motivation and achievement of students (Wasley, 1991), it has been revealed that effective teacher leadership influences the motivation of teachers and thus the effectiveness and quality of teaching (Katzenmeyer and Moller 2001).
Teachers are expected to ensure successful teaching and learning within their classrooms and share in the responsibility for their schools’ success. Students’ performance on standardized testing will often determine how successful a school is viewed by the community and state. It is the norm for many schools to have an improvement plan with its primary focus being the performance level of students (Katzenmeyer and Moller 2001). There are various roles for teachers to play in their schools’ improvement plan, and it has been revealed that teacher leadership is an essential role for their schools’ improvement plan to be successful. From this viewpoint, success and improvement of any school depend…

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