The reason the North won Battle of Gettysburg

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The reason the North won Battle of Gettysburg

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Why the North Won the Battle of Gettysburg

Modern historians have labeled the American Civil War as the first modern armed conflict given the use of post-Napoleonic tactics and extensive use of reconnaissance and intelligence before the battles. During the conflict, both sides tested and put to use a myriad of innovative battle tactics that changed the paradigms on how wars were fought, but also increased the casualties. The battle of Gettysburg is one of those battles on which superior planning and the use of defensive tactics, along with better equipment and higher moral granted the victory to the Union army against a Confederate military who was exhausting its resources in a fight they could hardly win. Therefore, this essay intends to show how the use of better tactics and a series of mistakes made by General Robert E. Lee turned the tides of the battle of Gettysburg after a first day that seemed a Southern victory. Also, it demonstrates how Federal General Meade’s harshly criticized defensive tactics contributed to ensuring the victory to his cause.
Keywords: Battle of Gettysburg, American Civil War, Pickett’s Charge, Robert E. Lee, George G. Meade.
Why the North Won the Battle of Gettysburg
The American Civil War has been referred to as one of the last ancient wars. This means that during the conflict, both sides’ commanders tested and tried many modern warfare methods that are now staples in how military forces are com…

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