The Proclamation of 1763

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The Proclamation of 1763

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The Proclamation of 1763
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The term proclamation is used to refer to any formal announcement or declaration. Thus, the declaration of 1763 refers to a declaration made by King George III of the British empire. The statement was effected following the end of the French and the Italian wars and the British territory. The proclamation of 1763 was meant to conciliate the Indian populations by keeping in check the advancement of settlers on their land. This essay focuses on the declaration of 1763 and its effects as well as the purposes set to be achieved under this declaration. It is worth noting that this announcement aroused a lot of dissatisfaction among the colonial territories who had settled there. The moment the British empire began the forceful take- over of the newly gained land from the French colonies, the native Americans tried as much as possible to resist this move. The proclamation prohibited the colonists’ empire from settling to the west of the Appalachia.
Keywords: colonists, British authorities/empire, settlers, land
In October 1763, a Proclamation was made by King George III following the coming to an end of the war between the British territories and both the Indian and the French. The 1763 proclamation served to keep in check the encroachment of the settlers on their pieces of land. The conclusion of the war enabled the British colonies to establish governance under their newly acquired territ…

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