The Process of Drawing Blood (Venipuncture)

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The Process of Drawing Blood (Venipuncture)

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The Process of Drawing Blood (Venipuncture)
Venipuncture refers to the process of drawing blood from individual using different types of needles. Some steps are involved in the process. Those carrying out venipuncture need to understand and appreciate the required materials, put safety measures in place, and perform the procedure accordingly. It is easier to understand the process of drawing blood especially when the individuals concerned pay attention to the details involved. The initial step in venipuncture involves identification of the essential materials. For its success, the process requires safety needles or butterfly needles. The safety needles need to exceed 22g. On the other hand, butterfly needles need to be 21g or less. The process also requires a syringe, blood collection tubes with the vacuum designed to draw a pre-determined amount of blood. The tubes are essential for collecting blood samples for particular tests.
Venipuncture also requires latex-free tourniquets, antiseptic, 2×2 gauze or cotton balls, bandages, and a disposal container. The container should be an OSHA accepted and puncture proof in nature. After clearly identifying the materials, it is mandatory that the individuals concerned observe universal safety precautions. The precautions encompass all applicable isolation procedures. First, individuals performing venipuncture need to wear their PPE (personal protective equipment) all through the procedure. In additi…

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